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Introducing the reusable, folding GOH frame

Tens of millions of garments are manufactured every year in the Far East and the Indian sub-continent for retailers in Europe. A large proportion of these need to be shipped on hangers (“GOH”).

A rapidly increasing element in these retailers’ pricing structures is the cost of shipping the hanging garments to their premises in Europe.

For many years the shipping method has been to deliver empty shipping containers, which have been rigged with hanging bars, to the clothing factory, manually fill the container then ship to Europe from a nearby port. On arrival, the process is reversed – transport the container to a retailer’s distribution centre, manually unload the garments, dismantle and scrap the hanging bars and release the empty container.

With container capacities of up to 12,000 garments, this action is time consuming and costly. In recent years escalating labour costs in both manufacturing and European countries, huge increases in maritime fuel costs, rises in container rental and demurrage charges, have all caused retailers and their logistics partners to re-examine the shipping cost structure.

IFE Global offers a unique solution to the pricing challenge. The Sea-GOH is described in detail.

IFE GOH Solutions

IFESea-GOH Details

• The product is a metal stillage designed to fit eight into a 40’ sea container.
• Versatile hanging bars permit space utilisation to match the type of garments and hangers being transported.
• Sea-GOH’s can be pre loaded on the clothing factory floor, then rapidly fork lifted into a container ready for shipment.
• On arrival at the destination port, the Sea-GOH’s allow decanting by the conventional methods or can be mechanically offloaded; the container immediately returned empty, with the Sea-GOH’s available for selective unloading, short term storage or onward shipment to regional depots.
• Once unloaded, the Sea-GOH is then folded flat for return shipment to the clothing manufacturer. Up to 64 folded Sea-GOH’s can be shipped in one container. The product’s green credentials have received much praise.
• The following page highlight the key points of Sea-GOH, illustrating the economy, flexibility, and simplicity of this exciting new product.
Sea-GOH is designed and produced by Sunrise Global Innovations.
UK Patent Application No. 1016758.3.

IFESea-GOH Benefits

• Sea GOH is a reusable, folding frame, designed to provide greater flexibility, increased capacity, improved efficiency and a significant cost saving compared to sea containers rigged with hanging bars.
• With eight folded units placed inside a FEU (four in a TEU) the frames are erected and the bars are configured to suit either hanging or strung GOH which are hung in the conventional manner. Alternatively, the frames can be erected outside of the container, pre-loaded with GOH and lifted through the back door
• Once empty the frames are simply folded and returned for reuse time and time again.

For further information on how IFE GOH Solutions can benefit your business, then call David Chard on
07773 850694 or email dchard@ifeuk.com

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