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Sea Air Freight    

The Sea-Air Service Explained:

Working with our partners we combine ocean and airfreight into one seamless movement.

It therefore gives an alternative transit and pricing structure to the extremes offered by ocean and airfreight.

We operate on the major Asia to Europe trade lanes utilising a major hub, the well-located and highly efficient ports and airports of the UAE.


From Hong Kong by sea to Dubai/Sharjah, then by air to London.

Our Service is also available using hubs in Korea, Singapore and Vancouver. Not all available origin port and route options can be included in this site. Please contact us for any not shown.

• We can help you in many ways
• overcome manufacturing delays
• accelerate the arrival of fast-selling products
• help in the control of stock levels
• avoid seasonal congestion on the major Asia/Europe trade route

iSea-Air offers a unique alternative to usual shipping methods and can be built into a supply-chain system alongside existing ocean and airfreight services.

For further information please contact our Sales Team:

Contact: Ingrid Allam
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext. 61)
DDI: +44(0)1268 242527
Fax: +44(0)1268 286799
E-mail: iallam@ifeuk.com

Contact: Paul Rye
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext.28)
DDI: +44(0)1268 247646
E-mail: prye@ifeuk.com


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