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During the course of 2013 and in addition to the consolidation services operated from the Far East, Indian sub continent and USA, IFE Global Logistics handled in excess of 13500 import and export containers on behalf of its clients, carrying goods of every description to and from the UKs international trading partners. Despite adverse economic conditions, this number has risen significantly in 2010 as it pushes ahead with planned organic expansion.

IFE Global Logistics is a member of the Global Alliance Corporation, a truly worldwide organisation, whose members operate from over 200 offices in 55 countries and who operate as a single entity.

The strength of the IFE operation linked with the alliances brought about by membership to the Global Alliance has enabled IFE to negotiate continually competitive rates, and to negotiate favourable ‘named account’ arrangements with carriers to provide some stability into what can be a volatile marketplace. We work closely with a number of clients in the UK and overseas, sometimes months in advance, planning movements of cargo internationally to meet targets or projects.

Although the bulk of the Company activity is related to container movements, a significant part of our business involves cargo which does not lend itself easily to containerisation. IFE have moved buses to Africa and the Mediterranean, historic cannon to Malta, complete factories to the Indian sub continent, ship parts from the vessel breaking yards in Gujarat. Manufacturing goods in one overseas country and shipping to another? Not a problem – we ship shop fittings from Italy to the Middle East and Caribbean, out of gauge machines from the Far East to the Middle East, hammocks from India to Japan.

The bottom line is – if it can be shipped, then you should ask IFE Global Logistics for a price.

For further information please contact our Sales Team:

Contact: Ingrid Allam
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext. 61)
DDI: +44(0)1268 242527
Fax: +44(0)1268 286799
E-mail: iallam@ifeuk.com

Contact: Paul Rye
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext.28)
DDI: +44(0)1268 247646
E-mail: prye@ifeuk.com




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