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IFE Global Logistics Warehousing    

Our warehousing service provides a seamless link between storage and distribution.

Fully trained warehouse personnel ensure your goods are treated with due care and have the experience to handle any kind of warehousing activity. Your goods are regis controlled from the moment they are received. Typical services include :-


• General Warehousing
• Bonded Warehousing
• Consolidation of Cargoes
• Paper Handling
• Supply Chain Operations
• Pick and Pack Operations
• Bar Coding
• U.K, European & Worldwide Distribution

Irrespective of warehousing requirement, IFE will always have a realistic, cost effective solution.

For further information please contact our Sales Team:

Contact: Ingrid Allam
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext. 61)
DDI: +44(0)1268 242527
Fax: +44(0)1268 286799
E-mail: iallam@ifeuk.com

Contact: Paul Rye
Tel: +44(0)1268 286999 (Ext.28)
DDI: +44(0)1268 247646
E-mail: prye@ifeuk.com



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